The Band

Random Blue was formed in 2009 by four musicians living in and around the Cedar Hill, Texas area.  Since then, and after a few changes in personnel, Random Blue continues onward with the current lineup featured below.  Since being formed, the band has played over seventy performances in music venues across the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, including clubs, galas, parties, bike rallies, special events and even on a sailboat moving briskly across Lake Lewisville.

To all you friends of Random Blue that check in here (or our Facebook band page or Reverbnation); we would like to say thanks for your support by coming out to our shows.  It’s always great to see y’all and hear the chorus of shout outs, thumbs up, and head nods towards us on stage.  We hope to see you every chance you get to join us around town, and bring your friends!  Our goal is to play fun songs and be entertaining, even if our antics are a bit corny at times!  We’ll keep bringing you those good old rocking bluesy Texas music numbers, so you can just sit back and listen, get your dance on, sing along with us, or all of the above!  I mean, without y’all there, what would be the point to all this?!?

Random Blue extends a heartfelt THANKS to ALL you good folks!


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